yesterday i made a list of goals. some are really small but some are really huge to me. my list was kind of long, but here are a few:

1) sew a wearable garment. i've taken a sewing class before so i sort of know the basics. although i just really despise sewing, i WISH i loved it. because i love to design clothes. i have tons of ideas. but i never want to actually make the things!

2) draw a tattoo and then actually get it onto my skin! eeek... i made a post earlier about getting an art nouveau tattoo. and i really want to follow through with it. i got an awesome big book of alphonse mucha for christmas, so i'm even more inspired!

3) get consistent with exercise. get back to yoga on a regular basis. use my gym membership i pay for! and walk my dog more and for longer walks.

4) buy equipment needed for a full metal smithing studio. i don't know why this intimidates me so much...well i have a few ideas....but anyway, i think this is the year it will actually begin to happen.

5) get more consistent with daily practices that help me to know myself more (meditate, write to myself, self reflection, etc).

well those are just a few. i have many more. maybe i'll post some more later.

i also made a list of things i accomplished this year. and here are some of those:

1) opened an etsy shop. actually two. handmade jewelry and vintage.

2) stopped taking xanax. i had some major panic attacks a while back and it took me some years, but i am now off any medication that i used to cope with it.

3) did my first fashion show with my jewelry and my first big craft fair.

4) learned A LOT about myself, read some books that have helped me grow, one being a relationship book that my boyfriend and i read together and are now in the "exercise" portion of the book.

5) started this blog! and i'm happy i did. i am slowly getting to know some very inspiring and cool people. i was very hesitant before starting a blog...what do i have to share? how much of myself do i want to put out there? is it narcissistic? etc etc etc.... i still have some of that but i'm working through it. i'm beginning to open up a little more on here and it's pretty fun actually.

thank you for reading! i hope you have some fabulous goals for this year and also that you've patted yourself on the back for the things you have accomplished this past year!

ps...here is my attempt at cupcake snipers's retro hair tutorial. check it out!


  1. I love all your goals for this year!! I can't wait to see them all come through! I can't wait for the day you post up one of your awesome designs sewn & modeling it out for us!! I definitely think you should draw your own tattoo! more personal! What book are you and your boyfriend doing? That's amazing that you both are putting in the effort to do that! That says alot about your relationship and how much you guys care for each other.
    And the accomplishments you've made this year...they are definitely one's to be proud of! I'm soooo glad I've met you ..well on cyberspace anyways..You are such an amazing woman!

    ps. I love how the hairstyle looks on you!! You are sooo gorgeous! and I love the nose ring! You are soooo adorable! :D

  2. wow..didn't realize I had written so much! Sorry :\

  3. Seeing everything you've accomplished this past year makes it obvious that i think you will do great in accomplishing your goals. you seem like a very strong person...gorgeous too :)

  4. lex...thanks for your long comment, i love it! i do that too. long winded i guess :) the book is called "getting the love you want". it's pretty intense and challenging. but we have learned so much and it's really been worth it. and now we are almost done and we're at a fun part...whew!

    thank you eden marie, you are so sweet...i hope i can accomplish them all...we'll see!

  5. looks like you had a great year! congrats :)
    i love your goals! i want to sew something wearable too! and the hairstyle looks so cute on you :)


  6. I love your goals and making a list of what you did this year- makes it less daunting knowing you've already one things to then go out and do more too

    I need to get into yoga or something too...I'm prone to anxiety too so if I channel it somewhere else that might help

    get the tattoo!!!! yeah

  7. That is a seriously impressive list of acomplishments!~ I cannot imagine the balls it takes to get off anti-anxiety meds. Just the thought makes me want to pop one. lol. Not really, but still. I dont think I could do it so GO YOU!~

  8. Fantastic goals for the new year and CONGRATS on allll you accomplished in 2009! Can't wait to see how next year turns out. I, a perpetual pessimist, can't help but feel like it's going to be a great year, full of wonderful possibilities. Thanks for sharing!! :)

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