NEW>> Upper Knuckle Rings

I made a bunch of upper knuckle rings and loaded them all up to my shop! They look great layered with other shapes and styles of rings and they are all adjustable! Check em out :)

>> Arrows and Dots <<

>> All Over Arrows <<

>> Brass Wire Triangle <<

>> Crescent Moons <<

>> Tribal <<


Jewelry trade

I recently did a trade with two other talented jewelry designers. First up is Veronica from Aurora Shadow. I have been eying this necklace from her shop for some time now. So I requested it as my trade.
And I wore it last night! It's seriously such a cool necklace and it's very lightweight too, it feels good on.
She also threw in these super amazing earrings and I can't wait to wear them!
From me, she received this ring. She requested a shield ring and this design just came to me. I absolutely love it and I think it might be one of my favorite designs yet. It is sterling silver, brass, jasper and onyx. She loved it and said it made her feel link a galactic royal warrior. Haha, I love that!

Next up is Laura from Roots and Feathers. I had a hard time choosing which thing I wanted from her shop and changed my mind a couple times but I decided on this necklace. I love it and it's made with really soft leather.
And she also threw in an extra! Which was this necklace that I also thought was really cool. I love the crystals! And the triangle of course. (I don't have a link for that one because I don't see it listed in her shop right now.)
She mentioned liking an older ring I had done that was a double finger ring with two crystal points at each end. So I made her a ring similar but this time I made the silver part into a pyramid shape. I love how it turned out!


New Jewels!

I finished a few new pieces this weekend and loaded them in the shop. Take a look!


New in the shop + FREE Necklace GIVEAWAY!

I wish I had more time to devote to jewelry making. I was fortunate to get some new pieces created and uploaded to the shop. Check them out!

^^^Brass Arrowhead with Orange Agate Necklace^^^

 Marrisa from Moondaughter is having an amazing giveaway this week and one of my necklaces are in the giveaway. Also there is an incense and tea ritual set, hand drawn moon zines and colorful chakra bracelets. A beautiful and generous giveaway, check it out! Winners are drawn on the 13th I believe. Here is the necklace that you will win from me.
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