Jewelry trade

I recently did a trade with two other talented jewelry designers. First up is Veronica from Aurora Shadow. I have been eying this necklace from her shop for some time now. So I requested it as my trade.
And I wore it last night! It's seriously such a cool necklace and it's very lightweight too, it feels good on.
She also threw in these super amazing earrings and I can't wait to wear them!
From me, she received this ring. She requested a shield ring and this design just came to me. I absolutely love it and I think it might be one of my favorite designs yet. It is sterling silver, brass, jasper and onyx. She loved it and said it made her feel link a galactic royal warrior. Haha, I love that!

Next up is Laura from Roots and Feathers. I had a hard time choosing which thing I wanted from her shop and changed my mind a couple times but I decided on this necklace. I love it and it's made with really soft leather.
And she also threw in an extra! Which was this necklace that I also thought was really cool. I love the crystals! And the triangle of course. (I don't have a link for that one because I don't see it listed in her shop right now.)
She mentioned liking an older ring I had done that was a double finger ring with two crystal points at each end. So I made her a ring similar but this time I made the silver part into a pyramid shape. I love how it turned out!