i want!

how amazing is this multi-colored hair!? STUNNING! i wish my hair would grow out so i can do something similar.
all of these pictures are from the free people catalog. i want pretty much everything in there! and i would love to master their art of layering. when i try, i feel sloppy and like there is too much going on. i'll get the hang of it one day!

so i have had such a rough past few months. i won't go into detail but i'll just say how happy i am that it seems the clouds are parting and the sun is out again! i have taken a little hiatus from my jewelry design and hope to get back to it very soon. right now i have stitches in my right hand from a broken glass while doing the dishes :( but as soon as this heals, i'm back in business!
hope you all have a lovely weekend...and a safe one without stitches involved!!