i want!

how amazing is this multi-colored hair!? STUNNING! i wish my hair would grow out so i can do something similar.
all of these pictures are from the free people catalog. i want pretty much everything in there! and i would love to master their art of layering. when i try, i feel sloppy and like there is too much going on. i'll get the hang of it one day!

so i have had such a rough past few months. i won't go into detail but i'll just say how happy i am that it seems the clouds are parting and the sun is out again! i have taken a little hiatus from my jewelry design and hope to get back to it very soon. right now i have stitches in my right hand from a broken glass while doing the dishes :( but as soon as this heals, i'm back in business!
hope you all have a lovely weekend...and a safe one without stitches involved!!


  1. LOVE that hair!!! I will be incredibly jealous if you do that to yours! I have a few years of growing out my hair before I'd be able to do anything similar LOL

    Sorry you've been going through a rough patch! I'm glad to hear that things are becoming sunshiny again for you. You deserve it!! Can't wait to see any new jewelry designs you come up with! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time!

  3. i love the hair in the first picture!

    have a good weekend.

  4. k, i love your blog header & button. so cute. :)

  5. i love the blue! I need to get some blue clipins or something. Hope your feeling better soon, and your hand heals up ok.

  6. That hair is amazing! I really wan to do something interesting with mine when it gets longer. I had to grow out my coloured strip for me wedding and now I miss it!

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  7. Free People is my unhealthy obsession. Well, alongside Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I die! That multicolored fishtail is AA-mazing.

  8. hey. i have a new button & look. check out my blog at believegodisnature.blogspot.com & be joyous!

    ps i miss your inspirational posts.

  9. that first one is just omg! wonderful hair.

  10. last time to update i swear! i was trying to find the perfect name & i finally did. i think you will approve. :)

    where have you been? i'm missing the reads. hope everything is ok