MTV Movie Awards Gifting suite update

hi everyone! i just wanted to update you on my progress. i have received SO much support from my friends and family...i am absolutely blown away! i feel so blessed, i really do. i now have the entrance fee paid for...all $5,000 of it! and i'm working on a hotel and a car rental...and i leave next wednesday! i have about 15 more pieces to make for the giveaway portion. and with whatever time and supplies i have left over, i want to make some more pieces for display. needless to say, i've been working hard and sort of delirious...in a good way! here are some pics of necklaces for the giveaway.
happy friday!!!


new jewels

hey there! i have some pictures of some new jewelry i have been working on. the first one is an example of one of the necklaces that i'll be taking with me to california as the giveaway. i'll also be giving away some chain dangle earrings, leather and stud bib necklaces, body chains, and upcycled chain necklaces.

oh and if you want to donate to my trip, i still have $1,000 to raise for the entrance fee! anything you can do would help me out greatly! i have a donation button on the upper right of this page. thanks so much!


OH, hi!

so i'm not doing so great on updating this bloggy blog. just been busy lately. here's an update on the mtv thing... i have received enough donations to make the down payment! ($2,500) so next week i'm going to call and talk to them and see what my next step is. i still am no where near having 100 pieces of jewelry made. i really should not leave my house and just work work work. but i need to have a life too! i am actually still waiting on supplies coming in the mail also. i'm really trying not to freak out....the event is approaching very quickly. june 4! eeeks! so that's the scoop on that!
do any of you listen to city and colour? i love that band! well, my boyfriend is a fan of dallas green's other band, alexisonfire. we went to that show last thursday and our car happened to be parked by their tour bus, so we got to meet them and of course i need to be dorky and get my picture with dallas....oh, dallas! he has such a dreamy voice =)well that's all i have for now...i'm going to make some breakfast and then we are going to hit some thrift shops to try to find a rack for chris' growing record collection. wish us luck!
OH, and if you still want to help me afford this crazy adventure to california for the mtv movie awards gift giving suite, please donate! anything you can do will help greatly. i am half way to the goal: $5,000!!!