MTV Movie Awards Gifting suite update

hi everyone! i just wanted to update you on my progress. i have received SO much support from my friends and family...i am absolutely blown away! i feel so blessed, i really do. i now have the entrance fee paid for...all $5,000 of it! and i'm working on a hotel and a car rental...and i leave next wednesday! i have about 15 more pieces to make for the giveaway portion. and with whatever time and supplies i have left over, i want to make some more pieces for display. needless to say, i've been working hard and sort of delirious...in a good way! here are some pics of necklaces for the giveaway.
happy friday!!!


  1. wow, these all look so amazing! great work.

  2. Katie!!!! Im soooooooo glad you found me! Finally! Another blogger from Tampa!!! YES!!!! Your blog is amazing! I love your jewelry, Im actually saving up to buy a piece!!! I saw it and feel in love, had to have. Thank you so much for checkin gout my blog and leaving me a comment! That always means so much to me.I think you are just super rad! Good luck with the MTV thing!!! XO! Lovely

  3. Those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on getting the funds together! So proud of you :)

    PS: If you have any of those awesome keys leftover when all is said and done, I totally want to buy a key necklace from you!! Please please please!! LOL