New Jewels

I've been so busy with work and life that jewelry (and my blog) has gotten pushed off a little. I miss it so much. I hope to get something done this weekend. So this jewelry update is sort of bare.
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I am in LOVE with this raw amethyst ring I made. I have plans to make more really soon.

Another favorite statement ring. This one is clear druzy. I shined up the silver on the inside of the ring, under the stone but only in the middle. So it has kind of an inner glow to it now. A happy little accident.

This ring is sort of an experiment. I'm not sure yet if I will sell it since it feels like such a prototype. This was really hard to make. The stones are raw diamonds. They vary in color, some silvery and some white. They are really cool to look at. However, they are itty bitty things and it was such a challenge securing them in the setting. I need MUCH smaller fingers...haha. I want to start making engagement rings with raw diamonds for a more affordable and ethical alternative the more conventional diamond rings. I am going to be working on the design and better ways to set the diamonds.

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HOW Design Conference in Chicago

While I'm not designing jewelry, I'm making a living as a freelance graphic designer. This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the HOW Design Conference in Chicago. I had a great time, Chicago is gorgeous and the weather was perfect! Much less hot and humid than the weather here in Tampa. I loved hearing the speakers at the conference, my favorite being Jessica Hische. She is very inspiring as she has worked her butt off to be such a young success. And I love her swirly style of graphics. I wasn't obnoxious enough to take any photos of the speakers but here are some of the pictures I did take of the trip.
Bags full of freebies

Freebies: posters, design magazines, print samples, t-shirts, buttons, candy
We had some time to walk around and be tourists :)

Shepard Fairey mural outside the tattoo shop.
I have always wanted to get a spontaneous tattoo while traveling. I had this design in mind of the phases of the moon, so I went with it!
Awesome local brewery: Goose Island Beer Company.
Downtown Chicago...the weather was gorgeous!
Closing reception party for the conference.
Out of maybe 5 free shirts, this one was my favorite. It says "creative freedom".
I had an awesome time and loved Chicago. Can't wait to visit again!



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I am crazy about everything about this designer. The jewelry, of course is right up my alley. I think the thing that really attracted me was the use photo collage on the website. Check it out for yourself, it's amazing! And somewhat humorous at times. Here are a few pictures.


Shop Update

Here are some photos of what I have been working on lately. I'm in the process of adding all of it to the shop. There will be 5 crystal bullet casing necklaces total, so far I only have 2 listed and some more rings. So check back later in the week!
Happy Monday!
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