New Work

I just listed some new rings to my etsy shop...take a look!
Silver Dots and Black Rhinestone Ring
Cobalt Blue Seaglass and Sterling Ring
Pyrite and Sterling Silver Ring
Fossilized Coral and Sterling Ring [this one sold already but I wanted to share it anyway because I loved how it turned out!]


Weekend Pictures

This weekend my friend and I went to St. Petersburg. I only live about 30 minutes away but for some reason I rarely get over there. It is such a cute city, right on the water with a very arty downtown area with a lot of cute restaurants, shops and bars.
There are these two HUGE banyan trees down by the water. They are amazing to look at. I climbed one of them, I was the only adult amongst the kids!
We walked all over the place and eventually walked down to the Pier.
There are always a ton of pelicans on the Pier.
It was such a gorgeous day, sunny and almost 80 degrees! The perfect weather for walking around, checking things out. At the end of the pier they were having a little car show. I love old cars!
I definitely want to make more of an effort to get out of my city, Tampa. There are so many great areas right by where I live that it makes no sense not to get out and enjoy them!
Did you get out and do anything adventurous this weekend?



Fancy Friday

Ah, it's the little things in life! Here are some things I'm lovin at the moment....
Fancy nails by Sally Hansen Salon Effects
I am in love with this necklace by Emily Grace

Hair dying sessions!

My new calendar for 2011 with vintage fashion illustrations

Gorgeous necklace by Pamela Love
Natural rocks, stones and crystals


William Fitzsimmons

Oh how I just love him! I found a little 3 part series of William talking about life, love and being on tour. I just adore how he really takes his growth seriously. He knows he has made mistakes in life and is dedicated to processing his emotions and growing beyond his limitations. So rare and beautiful in a man. He's also a therapist which I find so interesting as well. And of course his music and voice is just gorgeous. Take a listen! I love what he says in the last one....


Happy Day of LOVE

Whether you are single or in a relationship, I hope you have a day filled with love! Valentine's Day doesn't need to just be about romantic relationship love...how about the love you have for yourself? or the new painting you just completed or your family or that fact that you have a roof over your head? Make a point to send love to the people in your life, to yourself and to the planet. We ALL need more love!And then eat some sugar :)
Also, check out this great V-day post by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. I love her suggestions on giving some love to yourself on this day.


Photo Obsessed!

I am totally addicted to taking photos of everything with the vintage camera apps on my phone. Anyone else have this addiction!? My phone is somewhat new to me so maybe the thrill will dissipate soon. But for now I'm snapping away! (Pay no attention to the ACTUAL vintage camera I could be using.....I like instant gratification!)


New Work

Hey hey! Some new work I just added to my etsy shop.


Happy Thank You More Please

I can't wait to see this movie. Just from the short trailer, I can tell it has a good message to be grateful to be alive, to be grateful for the person you are and to love yourself and consider yourself worthy of everything life has to offer. Love wins![link]


New Work

I made some new jewelry and uploaded them to my shop. Check it out and let me know what you think!This ring I made for myself. I love it! I'll make one for the shop soon.Hope everyone is having a great day! I know a lot of people are snowed in. I kinda wish I was in a way. But its a lovely 71 degrees here in Florida...no chance for snow :)xo Katie