William Fitzsimmons

Oh how I just love him! I found a little 3 part series of William talking about life, love and being on tour. I just adore how he really takes his growth seriously. He knows he has made mistakes in life and is dedicated to processing his emotions and growing beyond his limitations. So rare and beautiful in a man. He's also a therapist which I find so interesting as well. And of course his music and voice is just gorgeous. Take a listen! I love what he says in the last one....


  1. He is amazing! Love his music. And when he covers a song, I always like his version better:-) xoxo

  2. it's nice to know that someone relates to me on valentines day.. I planned a day with my girlfriends but then ended up being too busy to actually have a nice time with them. All in all, it was just a day like any other. But it was.. okay :)

    thanks for commenting :D

    love, polly