prep prep prep

so lately i have been buying equipment for my at home jewelry studio. every time i get some extra money, before i blow it on something i don't need, i spend it on some tools. at first the thought of buying everything i need seemed SO overwhelming. but now that i just started to do it, bit by bit, it's quite rewarding. i get a sense of accomplishment every time i can cross one item off the list, which is pretty long! so i'm getting there and i'm really excited! yesterday i was shopping on ebay for some stones/minerals i want to work with. i was in some bidding wars and i lost!!! gggr! i have to get the hang of it. but who has time to sit at the computer at the end of all these auctions? it'd be nice if there was a store in town i could go to. anyway, i did get some things. here is a glimpse at what kind of stones i'm looking for....drusy, crystals, agates, etc.aren't they gorgeous?! that is what i want to design around. in my metal smithing class, i am working on a piece with a really pretty sparkly druzy. i can't wait until it's done! those are my favorite, they look like they're from outer space :)
so that is what i am working toward. little by little. what are you working toward??



hey there! i wish i had tons of really exciting things to announce but.... it's mostly the same ole, same ole. i was contacted by Bust magazine to possibly have one of my body chains featured in the magazine. i sent the body chain to them but i have not heard anything back. they were picking from a bunch of designs. i wasn't going to mention it unless it was good news. but hey, i guess even being considered by them is amazing right?
well last week when i got paid and this week when i got paid, i bought more supplies for my metal smithing studio. i need a lot more. but i'm getting there! it's exciting :)
also, my friend from michigan is thinking about opening up a boutique and having me be the designer. what a dream come true that would be. i'll let you know if anything comes to fruition.
this outfit is a dyi shredded tee that i had in my shop for a while and since no one bought it and i was bored with my clothes, i decided to keep it. i actually love this outfit! (you can click to make it bigger)


show and tell

happy saturday!!!
james from bleubird vintage has posted a show and tell feature. this is what i shared...my new alphonse mucha book.head over there and check out everyone's favorite thing right now!
so today i'm going to yoga for the third time this week...yay me! AND i went to the gym this week too. hopefully i can keep this up :) i'm sooooo sore though! later today i think boyfriend and i are going to go thrift shopping. i got him a record player for christmas and we need to find a record rack. hope you all have a lovely saturday :)


this and that

hello! my dotted moon earrings have been featured in an etsy treasury. i love it when that happens! you can view it [here].

another cool thing, Jacque has given my the beautiful blogger award! how sweet is that!?

so i guess i am to list 7 random facts about me. so here goes:
1] i am super tall...6' in fact!
2] i am originally from michigan and i have been living in florida since 2002 and i love it here! i only miss the snow for skiing purposes, otherwise i don't really care for it!
3] i went to kendall college of art and design and majored in visual communications (graphic design). i am a freelance graphic designer. but i really wish i went for fashion design. and currently i am working on being a jewelry designer. so basically, i don't know what i want to be when i grow up still! hahaa
4] i despise mustard and just about gag at the smell or sight of it.
5] i was raised catholic. i went to catholic school from 1st grade till 12th grade. i am not catholic! it never resonated with me at all. but i am spiritual and believe in something bigger than us. to me, it's a big mystery and it's ok not to know what is really "out there" but trying to find out is fun and interesting. i would say i am more into metaphysical realms of spirituality.
6] i have a sugar addiction but i'm trying not to eat it for health purposes.
7] i met my boyfriend in virginia and we had a phone friendship for 8 months before we even saw each other again. and then he got deployed for 5 months after that and THEN eventually when he got out of the military he moved in with me!

ok, i'm giving the award to some of my favies:
cupcake sniper (i think she's on blog hiatus but still check her out)
violet bella
gala darling
vintage or tacky
hippie couture

ok, i'm going to try to drag my butt to yoga...have a great night!


need motivation?

i just found such a cool blog! it's called 2010: the best year ever. there are 4 ladies who are "coaches" to help you get and stay motivated. they will have goals, exercises and inspirational photos and ideas to keep you going. their first homework assignment is all about listing out your goals. and they will even hook you up with a buddy for extra help! what a great idea :) here are some cute quotes they put in their last post that i really liked. and here's the [link] to the blog. take a peek and see what you think....



yesterday i made a list of goals. some are really small but some are really huge to me. my list was kind of long, but here are a few:

1) sew a wearable garment. i've taken a sewing class before so i sort of know the basics. although i just really despise sewing, i WISH i loved it. because i love to design clothes. i have tons of ideas. but i never want to actually make the things!

2) draw a tattoo and then actually get it onto my skin! eeek... i made a post earlier about getting an art nouveau tattoo. and i really want to follow through with it. i got an awesome big book of alphonse mucha for christmas, so i'm even more inspired!

3) get consistent with exercise. get back to yoga on a regular basis. use my gym membership i pay for! and walk my dog more and for longer walks.

4) buy equipment needed for a full metal smithing studio. i don't know why this intimidates me so much...well i have a few ideas....but anyway, i think this is the year it will actually begin to happen.

5) get more consistent with daily practices that help me to know myself more (meditate, write to myself, self reflection, etc).

well those are just a few. i have many more. maybe i'll post some more later.

i also made a list of things i accomplished this year. and here are some of those:

1) opened an etsy shop. actually two. handmade jewelry and vintage.

2) stopped taking xanax. i had some major panic attacks a while back and it took me some years, but i am now off any medication that i used to cope with it.

3) did my first fashion show with my jewelry and my first big craft fair.

4) learned A LOT about myself, read some books that have helped me grow, one being a relationship book that my boyfriend and i read together and are now in the "exercise" portion of the book.

5) started this blog! and i'm happy i did. i am slowly getting to know some very inspiring and cool people. i was very hesitant before starting a blog...what do i have to share? how much of myself do i want to put out there? is it narcissistic? etc etc etc.... i still have some of that but i'm working through it. i'm beginning to open up a little more on here and it's pretty fun actually.

thank you for reading! i hope you have some fabulous goals for this year and also that you've patted yourself on the back for the things you have accomplished this past year!

ps...here is my attempt at cupcake snipers's retro hair tutorial. check it out!