to tattoo or not to tattoo

that is my question! for years now i have been thinking about an art nouveau tattoo. recently i have been thinking about getting one on my arm, almost like a sleeve. but do i want it there for ever?! aaah! i can't decide. i go back and forth. i will be old and wrinkly and have gray hairs. will i look strange with a huge tattoo covering my arm? but then again, i plan on being a pretty hip grandma, so does it really matter? ;] i mean is it THAT important what you look like as a grandma or what you look like in general ever? i absolutely LOVE tattoos. and i have since i was 15. i got my first tattoo when i was 19. and the tattoos i have right now aren't in the most visible places. and relatively small.... eh.... i'm rambling. i probably will end up getting it once i draw something up or find a design i want AND find the money! here are some inspiring art nouveau tattoos i found. most are alphonse mucha, who is one of my very favorite artists.


source:::kai smart
source:::unknown, but it's gorgeous! i think these are the colors i would want.
so do you have tattoos, want tattoos...what do you thinks?!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! Even the plain black one with the peacock feathers, simple but lovely. I've been planning on decorating my massage studio and business cards in Art Nouveau, it's so timeless and swirly. If you have your heart set on it, do it! I have to post pics of my new tat when the swelling goes down. It looks like a cross between henna and an antique wrought iron gate.

  2. go for it! check out mine here:

    it is still in the works!

    cant wait to see what you decide!

  3. i think tattoos are lovely. i want to get one someday...someday soon...hopefully in 2010!

  4. Love the blog!


  5. OMG the top one and the one under it and the own in the red tank and the one under that are killing me SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    girly you have to!! but again I'm planing on getting completely covered so I'm probably not the most reliant person to ask because I'll just say YES!!

    but you totally should =)

  6. Ok I have a question. What artist did the sleeve tattoo with the girl in the red tank.

  7. amei as tatuagens, perfeitas

  8. the gorgeous calexico referenced image (calexico7.jpg) is definitely the amazing work of jeff gogue. gogueart.com