a new year

we heart it

hi there! so tomorrow is new years eve. do we have fun plans? i do. i'm excited. tomorrow during the day i am going to do a little new years ritual with some friends. no not some crazy witchy thing. but it's just a lil something to do to solidify some wishes for the new year. here's how it goes....make a list of all the things you want to say good bye to from this year. whatever it is....eating too much, procrastinating on that thing you reeeaally have been wanting to do, letting fear hold you back, neglecting yourself, anxiety,,, you know those types of fun things! then at midnight (or whenever during the day) burn the list. preferably in a metal wastebasket or something that won't start on fire! and preferably outside. then celebrate! have a champagne toast or have a fancy dessert. it's a good bye party for those things you are now willing to let go of! then the next day make another list of all the cool things you've accomplished this year, space these things out on the paper. then in those spaces, write all the cool things you want to accomplish this year. then read the list. your subconscious won't be able to decipher between which ones you've done and which you haven't. i've been learning about the laws of attraction and i guess the deal is that if you are living in a space of "i have it already" then you attract what you want much easier. did that make sense? for instance, saying you HAVE something instead of you WANT something, brings you to the HAVING it place instead of keeping you in the WANTING it place. i know... it's woo woo, but i like it! ok so have a great new years and i will too! xoxo katie


  1. I was planning to write down all the bad stuff and burn it tomorrow night. I like your double list idea too. I'll have to do both. Thanks!

  2. love the idea! have fun!!!

    oh, and it totally makes sense :)