Drawings by Ladybastard

I am in love with fellow blogger, Roberta's (from Ladybastard) drawings. I think the "Dreams" one is my favorite. She's a talented lady, she also makes cute little fuzzy plushies. Check her out over at her blog!


i want!

how amazing is this multi-colored hair!? STUNNING! i wish my hair would grow out so i can do something similar.
all of these pictures are from the free people catalog. i want pretty much everything in there! and i would love to master their art of layering. when i try, i feel sloppy and like there is too much going on. i'll get the hang of it one day!

so i have had such a rough past few months. i won't go into detail but i'll just say how happy i am that it seems the clouds are parting and the sun is out again! i have taken a little hiatus from my jewelry design and hope to get back to it very soon. right now i have stitches in my right hand from a broken glass while doing the dishes :( but as soon as this heals, i'm back in business!
hope you all have a lovely weekend...and a safe one without stitches involved!!


Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry

Just wanted to share this artist I found today. She is ADORABLE and I love her voice. Have you heard of Lisa Mitchell before? If not, check her out. Here is her myspace.
I heart this song "Coin Laundry". Enjoy!


MOLU featured in The Style Networks Etsy Finds Article

Yay! I think this may be the first time one of my pieces has been featured in the Etsy Finds articles. At least that I am aware of. How exciting! The host from the Style Network's show "How do I look?" was todays finder. So that makes it even more special :) Here is the original article.


green nails and giveaways!

I am so in love with this green nail polish right now! It's super bright in real life.

I'm hosting a giveaway over at Kaelah's blog for this pair of earrings. Hop on over there and enter! She's drawing a winner this Thursday.
Hope you are having a fabulous day!


Featured Shop: Floridity on Etsy

I would like to introduce you to Floridity which is an etsy shop featuring handmade polymer clay beads, art beads, one of a kind beads and jewelry. The shop owner and designer, Barbara makes tons of super cute pendants and jewelry. Here I am wearing a little aqua owl necklace with copper chain. Its so adorable!Here are some of my favorites from her shop.Be sure to check her out!
Also check out my jewelry fan page on facebook!

jewelry, shaved cat, the usual!

Hi out there! Here are a couple of new pieces I put in my etsy shop the other day.Silver Chain Dangle Upcycled Necklace

Gold Tone 3 Layer Vintage Key Necklace

In other news....
We got our cat, Nikko shaved the other day and I cannot get over how adorable slash weird he looks!!! It cracks me up every time I look at him! He was having some skin issues and even though I'm sure he did not appreciate going to the groomers AT ALL, I truly think he is much more comfortable. He's all lovey dovey and even slept next to me in bed, which he never does!
This is a picture of him before. It's dark, but you can see how fluffy he was! He's still big, with or without all that hair!
Here are some looks I'm loving right now. Makes me want to SHOP!Work With What You've Got
Moms Are For Everyone!

Well I suppose I should get some work done. I'm feeling really unproductive today and kind of grumpy. I have an appointment today with an energy worker...interesting stuff! I'm so needing it and looking forward to it.Have a great day!!!


christina perri

Hey there....so today I was checking things out online and found 2 videos of Christina Perri and in both she is wearing the necklace I designed :) ! One is from the CBS Morning Show and the other is from Cambio Connect. Here's my attempt at taking screen shots from the videos. But you can click on those links to see the videos. She is singing "Jar of Hearts" which is a very cool song and you can see it live this Thursday night on So You Think You Can Dance!I need to be really productive tomorrow so I'm off to bed. Night all!


something to make mondays better

just in case you don't already know about urban outfitters music mondays....i mean who doesn't love a freebie?! enjoy!



Check out this killer etsy treasury I am included in. I love all the black!!!


shop update

hey there! i just added a few new things to my etsy shop. check em out! click on the caption under photos to go right to the listing in the shop.crystal fang necklace

also, i started a facebook page for my jewelry. click here to become a fan and get my updates!


inspiring ladies

Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce you to a really cool girl with an awesomely inspiring blog. Her name is Keltie Colleen, I met her last month out in L.A. She is a dancer who writes with a very heartfelt, passionate style. She's also funny and quirky as hell....a perfect mix in my mind! She's also extremely sweet and supportive. She gave one of my necklaces to her best friend, Christina Perri, who is a singer songwriter who's zooming up the charts after her song "Jar of Hearts" was used in one of last weeks So You Think You Can Dance routines. Keltie took some photos of Christina on the way into the show with my necklace on. How sweet is that! Having photos like this are great for marketing my jewelry, especially when this girl blows up! Her voice is amazing.
Here is a photo of Christina and Keltie at last weeks SYTYCD. This is the necklace she was wearing. I have a similar necklace in the shop right here. And more on the way! And here they are with Kat Deeley!

Here are some links for you to definitely check out...
Keltie's blog
Keltie's fb fan page
Christina's fb fan page
Christina's Youtube
Also, Keltie has an apparel line at Sugar and Bruno with cool t-shirts and tanks and these awesome socks that my friend Aimee and I are wearing here!And last but not least, check out this inspiring video. Christina and Keltie take you along with them on their drive to SYTYCD and afterward to celebrate. I got teary eyed at one point and i definitely laughed at Keltie's hilarities....but the best part about it is watching someone's dreams come true. Check it out!


stars and stripes

I'm so excited for a long weekend! Today we are going to hang out at my friends pool. Crossing my fingers it doesn't rain!!! And tomorrow we are going to a friends BBQ and then to watch the fireworks. Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!


sew not a seamstress!

I'm so proud that I actually sat down at my sewing machine to make something...it's been probably at least 6 years since I have done that! I took one sewing class in my life eons ago, so I am pretty much clueless. But I managed to make this shirt and I love it! I took a vintage mens western shirt, cut off the top and the sleeves, sewed up the sides, added elastic to the top and some darts to the side and that's it! I make it sound like a snap, but it took me forever to finish...haha. And the tailoring is not good at all, but it was great for a novice like myself!This is what the shirt started out as.I threw on a necklace from my shop and one of the new crystal rings I made too.Now I can't wait to go thrifting and get some more things to remake new!



i'm so obsessed with crystals lately. i cannot get enough of them. check out the new crystal jewelry i made! you can check them out in my etsy shop as well. thanks for looking...what do you think????