sew not a seamstress!

I'm so proud that I actually sat down at my sewing machine to make something...it's been probably at least 6 years since I have done that! I took one sewing class in my life eons ago, so I am pretty much clueless. But I managed to make this shirt and I love it! I took a vintage mens western shirt, cut off the top and the sleeves, sewed up the sides, added elastic to the top and some darts to the side and that's it! I make it sound like a snap, but it took me forever to finish...haha. And the tailoring is not good at all, but it was great for a novice like myself!This is what the shirt started out as.I threw on a necklace from my shop and one of the new crystal rings I made too.Now I can't wait to go thrifting and get some more things to remake new!


  1. I'm in the process of making a shirt super similar to this!!
    It's not going very good for me though. haha.
    I bought one somewhere and then figured it would be sorta easy to re-create.

    The ring look amazing on too!

  2. i do that as well! i have sooo many pants the i make into shorts! it beats having to pay a seamstress. i looove sewing! its exhilarating to know that you made something!


  3. you're so good! i love it on you! i wish i had time to CREATE!!!

  4. That's skill. I've had pieces just laying around. But I'm so scared to start altering. I'm afraid I might just mess them up and feel terrible about it =X

    Any advice?

  5. i wish i had some brilliant advice, but i am not a skilled seamstress at all. if you have no training at all, pick up a book or take a class. books like "the subversive seamster" show you how to transform thrift store finds. but other than that, my advice is just do it! what's it going to hurt if they are just laying around not getting used anyway. and mistakes are how you learn! good luck :)

  6. this is fantastic! you are adorable.