jewelry, shaved cat, the usual!

Hi out there! Here are a couple of new pieces I put in my etsy shop the other day.Silver Chain Dangle Upcycled Necklace

Gold Tone 3 Layer Vintage Key Necklace

In other news....
We got our cat, Nikko shaved the other day and I cannot get over how adorable slash weird he looks!!! It cracks me up every time I look at him! He was having some skin issues and even though I'm sure he did not appreciate going to the groomers AT ALL, I truly think he is much more comfortable. He's all lovey dovey and even slept next to me in bed, which he never does!
This is a picture of him before. It's dark, but you can see how fluffy he was! He's still big, with or without all that hair!
Here are some looks I'm loving right now. Makes me want to SHOP!Work With What You've Got
Moms Are For Everyone!

Well I suppose I should get some work done. I'm feeling really unproductive today and kind of grumpy. I have an appointment today with an energy worker...interesting stuff! I'm so needing it and looking forward to it.Have a great day!!!


  1. Love these, you have such great pieces. I love everything in your shop, i have my eye on a few things. thanks for your comment & following my blog :) I look forward to reading more posts, you have a great blog

  2. Bahaha he's a meaty kitty!! It's a good style for him, he suits it.