inspiring ladies

Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce you to a really cool girl with an awesomely inspiring blog. Her name is Keltie Colleen, I met her last month out in L.A. She is a dancer who writes with a very heartfelt, passionate style. She's also funny and quirky as hell....a perfect mix in my mind! She's also extremely sweet and supportive. She gave one of my necklaces to her best friend, Christina Perri, who is a singer songwriter who's zooming up the charts after her song "Jar of Hearts" was used in one of last weeks So You Think You Can Dance routines. Keltie took some photos of Christina on the way into the show with my necklace on. How sweet is that! Having photos like this are great for marketing my jewelry, especially when this girl blows up! Her voice is amazing.
Here is a photo of Christina and Keltie at last weeks SYTYCD. This is the necklace she was wearing. I have a similar necklace in the shop right here. And more on the way! And here they are with Kat Deeley!

Here are some links for you to definitely check out...
Keltie's blog
Keltie's fb fan page
Christina's fb fan page
Christina's Youtube
Also, Keltie has an apparel line at Sugar and Bruno with cool t-shirts and tanks and these awesome socks that my friend Aimee and I are wearing here!And last but not least, check out this inspiring video. Christina and Keltie take you along with them on their drive to SYTYCD and afterward to celebrate. I got teary eyed at one point and i definitely laughed at Keltie's hilarities....but the best part about it is watching someone's dreams come true. Check it out!


  1. hey pretty. thanks for your heartfelt comment on my most recent post. i didn't really know if anyone would read it because it is pretty long. i pretty much just did it to put my soul at ease.

    moving is going to be hard.
    really hard. but it's good to have people that have experienced it to share how they did it.

    and you moved so far.
    and you seem to be so happy.

    thanks dear.


  2. Haha I love the socks! And that's awesome for you, congrats!