Here are some of my favorite diy manicures that I've done lately. They are all super easy. Check them out!
Just paint nails black, let dry and use scotch tape for the tips and paint them silver.
Two painted nails and two nails with Sally Hanson Salon Effects.
All white!
Paint nails a mint/aqua color, let dry and then use scotch tape to make triangle shapes on the tips. Paint black.
This one takes a little more effort. Paint nails black and let dry. Then use a ripped off piece of a makeup sponge and blot a layer of a light blue, let dry, then blot a layer of purple, let dry, blot on some pink, ect. After that dries, apply some clear nail polish with glitter.
Blue nails with one Sally Hanson Salon Effects.
Apply a neutral/clear polish and let dry. Apply silver polish to the top of nails. Don't worry about a clean line. Let dry and dab a polish with larger glitter in the center of nail, over where the silver color ends, then apply more subtle glitter to the bottom half.