I love Friday!

Here are some things I've been working on. These sterling silver "crystal" pendants took forever to make and they are not quite perfect but I am loving them! I am going to make some more and perfect the final product a little.
Moss agate and sterling ring
Rutilated quartz and sterling ring
Tonight I'm going to see Sleigh Bells....can't wait :)


Jewelry post

Here are some new things I have been working on. Some are in my etsy shop. The rest I am bringing to a show I'm doing in May. Whatever is leftover will be up in the shop later. It's been SO busy for me lately! All good things though. I'm feeling very inspired and grateful for all of the new creative opportunities and new people and experiences that have have come into my life lately. Life is looking up :)I hope the same is true for you!
Let's connect! Leave me your links in my comments :)


Shopping on Etsy

I splurged and got some really cool things on Etsy recently.

Blackbird Tees

I LOVE this shirt I bought from Blackbird Tees. I'm so glad I went with the cropped version of the shirt, but they also have a longer version. This shirt is so soft and comfy and I feel like I'm wearing something a little jazzier than a regular tee shirt.

For Strange Women
I love this shop. The packaging, the photos, the whole vibe really appeals to me.
I bought this yummmmy clove chap stick that is all natural and comes in a biodegradable tube with no plastic. It smells and tastes SO delicious.
I also bought this perfume oil also and I am in love with it. It has a deep warm spicy sweet smell. It is natural smelling and not overwhelming at all.

Honey Blossom Studio
This shop has such a great variety of boots and at pretty decent prices too. I have been wanting a nice vintage pair of cowboy boots for so long and I finally found some in my size in the perfect beat up brown. I can't wait to get these in the mail! I want to wear them with dresses before it gets way too hot here.
link, link, link
Back to work for me!


Picture Post

Hey! Seems like all I have been doing lately is working and hanging out at pools and the beach with people that come into town. Not that I'm complaining :) Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.
Barbara and I at St. Pete beach.
Barbara and I at an art show in Tampa.

My sister from Michigan and I in Bonita Springs at my Dad's condo.

My friend Robin from Michigan and I in Orlando.

I have been working on some more jewelry that still needs to be photographed and uploaded to my etsy shop. I'll have a post about that soon!
Hope you are all having a great weekend!