New Jewels!

I finished a few new pieces this weekend and loaded them in the shop. Take a look!


New in the shop + FREE Necklace GIVEAWAY!

I wish I had more time to devote to jewelry making. I was fortunate to get some new pieces created and uploaded to the shop. Check them out!

^^^Brass Arrowhead with Orange Agate Necklace^^^

 Marrisa from Moondaughter is having an amazing giveaway this week and one of my necklaces are in the giveaway. Also there is an incense and tea ritual set, hand drawn moon zines and colorful chakra bracelets. A beautiful and generous giveaway, check it out! Winners are drawn on the 13th I believe. Here is the necklace that you will win from me.
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Meditation Challenge Day 6

Today I meditated in silence and started to fall asleep a little. So I decided to put on a guided meditation. The one I chose today is called Dissolving the Veils. (in the sidebar here) It's a 12 minute meditation and the part I liked the best was when the focus is on the Solar Plexus, releasing fear and judgement. Then after that the focus goes to the heart, feeling unconditional love for oneself. This part of the meditation inspired the words on this photo. I have been focusing on accepting myself exactly as I am right now. Not when I make more money, have a better house, eat healthier, go to yoga more, get in better shape, exercise more, stop eating sugar, reach my goals....you get the point...but just as I am right in this moment, with all these "flaws". This photo was also inspired by Laura's post over at her amazing blog. If you haven't checked her space out yet, I highly recommend it!

Actually taking this photo was an exercise of accepting myself exactly as I am right now because really I would have preferred to have makeup on, have my hair washed and have a cuter look going than I do in this photo. But the inspiration happened when my hair was dirty, I was makeup-less and wearing the thing I woke up in. I had to laugh at myself while taking this photo because I wanted so badly to "clean myself up" for the picture and that felt so completely unauthentic. So, I decided to accept myself and the photo of myself anyway, even though I didn't feel it was cute enough or portraying some sort of ultra hip idea here. Because screw it, I am enough just as I am! :)

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Meditation Challenge Day 2

Where is day 1 you might ask? I didn't get a chance to meditate on day 1 :/ And what is this meditation challenge? I mentioned before the online community that I am in called Moon Rhythms well we are doing a 31 day meditation challenge right now. I'm really excited about it because I like having that little support system to keep me inspired to keep up with my practice.
So on day 2 I meditated to some binaural beats that was for releasing fear and guilt for 10 minutes. While doing the meditation, my upper stomach started to feel uneasy and almost like it was vibrating or spinning. Without  thinking, I placed my hand on my solar plexus and started to rub in a circular motion. Think "yummy in my tummy" motion haha. But it was extremely soothing and felt almost blissful. It was strange but I went with it. After I was done, my discomfort was gone. I have no idea what that was all about but I do find this meditation thing interesting and can't wait to see what else comes up. After that, I meditated with this free 10 minute meditation by Solara that you can download here. This meditation is for grounding, protection and raising your vibration. I find it really easy to follow along with the visualization as she narrates and her voice is so soothing. Her accent isn't too bad on the ears either. The meditation is sort of new agey, but I kind of consider myself to fall under that category so I really enjoy it. I always feel so much better and lighter after doing her meditations. There are several free ones on the sidebar on her site if you are interested!
I'll be posting here periodically with updates on my meditation experiences to keep me on track with the challenge!
Have a good weekend :)