a new year

we heart it

hi there! so tomorrow is new years eve. do we have fun plans? i do. i'm excited. tomorrow during the day i am going to do a little new years ritual with some friends. no not some crazy witchy thing. but it's just a lil something to do to solidify some wishes for the new year. here's how it goes....make a list of all the things you want to say good bye to from this year. whatever it is....eating too much, procrastinating on that thing you reeeaally have been wanting to do, letting fear hold you back, neglecting yourself, anxiety,,, you know those types of fun things! then at midnight (or whenever during the day) burn the list. preferably in a metal wastebasket or something that won't start on fire! and preferably outside. then celebrate! have a champagne toast or have a fancy dessert. it's a good bye party for those things you are now willing to let go of! then the next day make another list of all the cool things you've accomplished this year, space these things out on the paper. then in those spaces, write all the cool things you want to accomplish this year. then read the list. your subconscious won't be able to decipher between which ones you've done and which you haven't. i've been learning about the laws of attraction and i guess the deal is that if you are living in a space of "i have it already" then you attract what you want much easier. did that make sense? for instance, saying you HAVE something instead of you WANT something, brings you to the HAVING it place instead of keeping you in the WANTING it place. i know... it's woo woo, but i like it! ok so have a great new years and i will too! xoxo katie


to tattoo or not to tattoo

that is my question! for years now i have been thinking about an art nouveau tattoo. recently i have been thinking about getting one on my arm, almost like a sleeve. but do i want it there for ever?! aaah! i can't decide. i go back and forth. i will be old and wrinkly and have gray hairs. will i look strange with a huge tattoo covering my arm? but then again, i plan on being a pretty hip grandma, so does it really matter? ;] i mean is it THAT important what you look like as a grandma or what you look like in general ever? i absolutely LOVE tattoos. and i have since i was 15. i got my first tattoo when i was 19. and the tattoos i have right now aren't in the most visible places. and relatively small.... eh.... i'm rambling. i probably will end up getting it once i draw something up or find a design i want AND find the money! here are some inspiring art nouveau tattoos i found. most are alphonse mucha, who is one of my very favorite artists.


source:::kai smart
source:::unknown, but it's gorgeous! i think these are the colors i would want.
so do you have tattoos, want tattoos...what do you thinks?!


it's almost here!

how funny is this picture??!! that's me on the right, looking like i'm about to ball my eyes out. trying to get away from creepy santa man! poor little katie! ;]

well i have almost all my shopping done. so i'm almost all ready for christmas. i'm excited! christmas eve, the boyfriend and i are going to open up one present, eat an early dinner, go to the bern's dessert room and then watch It's a Wonderful Life. even tho i am on an almost no sugar, gluten free diet...i'm breaking the rules for the holiday! woo! and christmas day we are opening presents, lounging around and then having friends over for food and drinks. i'm looking forward to it. since we aren't going home (michigan and oregon) for christmas, we are making our own traditions. what are your plans?


so, about my style

see usually i wear jeans and a t-shirt. pretty much everyday. i'm a very lazy dresser. unless i'm going out, i usually don't get too creative. but i always want to! i've been inspired by the stylish ladies in some of the blogs i read. so i've been trying lately to get out of the t-shirt rut. i want to dress more girly also. the t-shirt and jeans is a little too teenage boy after a while! i am a girl after all! so here's my attempt at less lazy, more girly style.

red shirt: target
black cardigan: target
black mini: forever 21
leggings: forever 21
necklace: thrifted
boots: can't remember

although this is an abstract print, it is a floral. i would eventually like to get a real floral in my wardrobe. a more girly floral. there's time!

i really like this outfit. it's so fun! i love the colors...

top: target (it's actually a skirt)
belt: forever 21
cardigan: ann taylor (thrifted)
jeans: zana di
shoes: target
necklace: thrifted
bracelet: hand made by me
bag: target

here are some girls that have great style:
i love how erin from work with what you've got dresses. she mixes florals with tougher looking jackets and accessories. its a perfect mix.

now i'm not sure her name because her blog is in german. but from what i gather, this girl is amazing at thrift finds! she has great vintage jewelry and puts all sorts of odd things together and she pulls it off! her blog is microphoneheart.

danielle from sometimes sweet is such a cute dresser! she has the best dresses, belts and cardigans. she dresses really girly and i love how she still has an edge with all her beautiful tattoos.

hope you had a great weekend!


new in the shop!

hello out there! i just added some new items to my etsy shop. i put a lot of studded jewelry in there and a few other things. click here to check them out!
have a great day :)



hi! i have been making so much jewelry for this holiday bizaar i am in next weekend. i'm trying to bring tons with me. here are some pics of my favorites.

i have been totally neglecting my etsy shop. i'm going to load up a bunch of jewelry there once this bizaar is over. wish me luck, i need to sell A LOT! =]

by the way, i'm totally into the hat thing lately. i hate doing my hair sometimes, thank god for hats right!