prep prep prep

so lately i have been buying equipment for my at home jewelry studio. every time i get some extra money, before i blow it on something i don't need, i spend it on some tools. at first the thought of buying everything i need seemed SO overwhelming. but now that i just started to do it, bit by bit, it's quite rewarding. i get a sense of accomplishment every time i can cross one item off the list, which is pretty long! so i'm getting there and i'm really excited! yesterday i was shopping on ebay for some stones/minerals i want to work with. i was in some bidding wars and i lost!!! gggr! i have to get the hang of it. but who has time to sit at the computer at the end of all these auctions? it'd be nice if there was a store in town i could go to. anyway, i did get some things. here is a glimpse at what kind of stones i'm looking for....drusy, crystals, agates, etc.aren't they gorgeous?! that is what i want to design around. in my metal smithing class, i am working on a piece with a really pretty sparkly druzy. i can't wait until it's done! those are my favorite, they look like they're from outer space :)
so that is what i am working toward. little by little. what are you working toward??


  1. Can you share a list of tools for those of us interested in jewelry as a hobby? I took a class in college but that seems sooo long ago and I would love a jumping off point to get started.

    Love your hair by the way!

  2. loving the crystals. they are my new go-to jewel, for sure. my mom has a vintage crystal necklace that i steal every time i visit, and she had one for me for christmas this year. LOVE it! let me know when you get some done! do you take orders?

  3. I am working towards a furnished apartment. I have lived in the same place for over 2 years, but it still seems empty. I am trying to make it into a home piece by piece. It does seem to be working.