hey there! i wish i had tons of really exciting things to announce but.... it's mostly the same ole, same ole. i was contacted by Bust magazine to possibly have one of my body chains featured in the magazine. i sent the body chain to them but i have not heard anything back. they were picking from a bunch of designs. i wasn't going to mention it unless it was good news. but hey, i guess even being considered by them is amazing right?
well last week when i got paid and this week when i got paid, i bought more supplies for my metal smithing studio. i need a lot more. but i'm getting there! it's exciting :)
also, my friend from michigan is thinking about opening up a boutique and having me be the designer. what a dream come true that would be. i'll let you know if anything comes to fruition.
this outfit is a dyi shredded tee that i had in my shop for a while and since no one bought it and i was bored with my clothes, i decided to keep it. i actually love this outfit! (you can click to make it bigger)


  1. congrats on the mag offer! even if they don't that is a HUGE deal! you are uber talented and totally deserve it!

    cute outfit btw!! =]

    xoxo, Eden

  2. that is SOO awesome! congrats to you! and those purple jeans are stellar!

  3. contrats on the mag offer, that is wonderful!

  4. good luck with the mag - i hope you hear great news!