show and tell

happy saturday!!!
james from bleubird vintage has posted a show and tell feature. this is what i shared...my new alphonse mucha book.head over there and check out everyone's favorite thing right now!
so today i'm going to yoga for the third time this week...yay me! AND i went to the gym this week too. hopefully i can keep this up :) i'm sooooo sore though! later today i think boyfriend and i are going to go thrift shopping. i got him a record player for christmas and we need to find a record rack. hope you all have a lovely saturday :)


  1. Oo that's really spiffy that you have an art book of your favorite artist now! I don't have any art books from my favorite artists either! I think I should do something about that! Hope your weekend was grand!!

  2. so glad i found your blog, it's lovely!

    xo, katie