New Work

I made some new jewelry and uploaded them to my shop. Check it out and let me know what you think!This ring I made for myself. I love it! I'll make one for the shop soon.Hope everyone is having a great day! I know a lot of people are snowed in. I kinda wish I was in a way. But its a lovely 71 degrees here in Florida...no chance for snow :)xo Katie


  1. love the earrings! it is snowy and cold here in canada, jealous of you in FL right now :)

  2. oh dear, i love the key bracelet! the pendant and the feather earrings! you are amazing!♥

  3. everything looks pretty! nice work.

    i wish it were 71 here.

  4. hello dear! thanks for your very sweet comments to my blog... and thank you for sharing the website about teachings and so... i visited and listened to one of the topics... it feels good after.♥

    actually dear, i am also visiting another similar to that... i don't know if you heard about it.. the circle of prayer.. haha... they have verses and stories and videos too. here's the link.
    i hope you'll give it sometime toO. :) it feels great reading other people's stories, the verses are quite helpful too! let me know if you visited, huh?! thanks lovely! i love your blog!!!!

    and you just made my day :)♥