OH, hi!

so i'm not doing so great on updating this bloggy blog. just been busy lately. here's an update on the mtv thing... i have received enough donations to make the down payment! ($2,500) so next week i'm going to call and talk to them and see what my next step is. i still am no where near having 100 pieces of jewelry made. i really should not leave my house and just work work work. but i need to have a life too! i am actually still waiting on supplies coming in the mail also. i'm really trying not to freak out....the event is approaching very quickly. june 4! eeeks! so that's the scoop on that!
do any of you listen to city and colour? i love that band! well, my boyfriend is a fan of dallas green's other band, alexisonfire. we went to that show last thursday and our car happened to be parked by their tour bus, so we got to meet them and of course i need to be dorky and get my picture with dallas....oh, dallas! he has such a dreamy voice =)well that's all i have for now...i'm going to make some breakfast and then we are going to hit some thrift shops to try to find a rack for chris' growing record collection. wish us luck!
OH, and if you still want to help me afford this crazy adventure to california for the mtv movie awards gift giving suite, please donate! anything you can do will help greatly. i am half way to the goal: $5,000!!!


  1. Of course having a life is important too, but think about it like an exam or something. Sometimes you have to take some time away from being social to work towards a big accomplishment!

    Do your best, and good luck. :)

  2. Katie, that's awesome that you are halfway to your goal!!! I'm so excited for you! Best of luck with everything, and know that some extra work and effort here will totally pay off in the end!! :)

  3. I LOVE City and Colour AND Alexisonfire...I think they will be here next weekend and I CAN'T wait!

  4. Hello from Nouméa, best of luck

  5. Great color on your shirt. Good luck on the MTV Suite.


  6. It's always important for an independent contractor to find time to have a life! We often work more than others because we work for ourselves and blur the line between work hours and life hours.
    Just don't ever feel guilty for going out girl!

  7. Wow that is so awesome!!! And that is such a cool picture! I'm so excited for you!! I'm sure that you will be able to get all of your jewelry pieces finished in time!! I think that artists work better under pressure anyways! Happy weekend!