GIVEAWAY!!! (closed)

hi! so today i am doing a giveaway. the winner will receive ONE of the two items. so you must tell me which item you would like to win.

1. first item is a Lydia hoodie, size small. a few months ago chris and i went to see Lydia play....they are one of my very favorite bands. we ended up meeting them afterward and they were so nice to let us rummage through their merch trailer and pick out whatever we wanted! i picked a bunch of tees and this hoodie. unfortunately, there was not a medium and the length of the arms on the small is too short for me. (i'm really long limbed!) and it so cute, it needs to be worn! it's charcoal gray with teal/aqua and blues. the inside is really soft too.

2. the second item is a pair of jeans i bought from forever 21 online. their sizes are SO hard to figure out. i need to realize i cannot buy jeans online. anyway, they are too big for me and i already took the tags off so i can't return them. so i think you need to wear them if they are your size! they are super cute. the size is 30. i would say they are about a size 9-10 ish? i usually wear between a 7 and a 9 in junior sizes anyway. and the waist/hip/butt area on these is just a tad too big. they are really stretchy too. the inseam is 33". so they are long.

okay, so what you need to do is leave me a comment stating which item you would like to win. extra entries will be given if you tweet or blog about the giveaway. leave separate comments if you do this otherwise it will not count. and you must be a follower on my blog. that's it... good luck!!!

i will draw a winner friday, march 19th.

i'm wearing one of the lydia shirts i snagged in this pic below. they were really sweet by the way! if you have never checked them out, i recommend it! happy saturday :)


  1. Cute! I would like the hoodie please!!:):)
    laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

  2. I've been wanting a pair of jeans like that for some time.. I love the wash.. but...

    1. I'm vertically challenged.. ha ha!
    2. I'm a size 10 :(

    Well, you can still enter me in the giveaway for the jeans, since they are stretchy, they might fit!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. i love that hoodie! so cute!!!

  4. I think those jeans are my perfect size! I'm tall too so they sound perfect! Thanks!

  5. I love the the hoodie but I am like you long limbed a small would never fit but the jeans would be great!!!


  6. ooo i love those jeans! so cute!

  7. Ohhh!! I love the hoodie! So can I have the hoodie? Please? I wouldn't fit in those jeans. Ha :)
    Have a lovely day!!

  8. Tweeted!! http://twitter.com/AnAuroraH/status/10345988377

    Ciao lovely!

  9. cute giveaway!! the pants wouldn't fit, but the hoodie is cute!

  10. hoodie hoodie hoodie!
    i love that band!!!

  11. I didn't know where to comment you back because i'm new to actually talking to people on here! Haha. But yeah, I think I'll just try all the things on my list until I figure out which one is the best! Do you have a list? I want to see yours!
    Oh, and btw, you are beautiful!

  12. Yay giveaway! That hoodie is adorable! I had to check out their myspace music page first, haha! I just don't think I could sport a hoodie of a band I'd never even heard...but now I have and I like it even more! ;)