guess what!?

i bought the tank and torch i need to solder jewelry at home!!! i'm so excited! now, hopefully i don't set the apartment ablaze! (i shouldn't even say that! haha) i have bought so much equipment and tools for my jewelry studio. i feel really proud. i'm not even sure where the money came from but all the sudden, i had it. i'm excited to start to make some more jewelry.
i think i'm going to do a giveaway soon. it's clothing....so stay tuned!
oh and happy friday! do you have any fun plans this weekend?


  1. awesome! if you need any tips, just ask, i soldered jewelry for like 8years with my parents jewelry business! good luck!

  2. omg!! I love you're hair!! And I'm sooooo excited for your new jewelry making!! Can't wait to see all the pretties!!

    oo0o and I'd def take up on Laura's advice on jewelry ;)

    Hope you have an amazing weekend!! mine will be filled with indoor bumming and work ;)

  3. you are prettyyyy.

    i love your jewlery in your etsy store. cute stuff!

  4. hi, just wanted to say i reposted the emotional creature poem on my blog. it is a really neat poem.


  5. Oh, I hope you have fun with your new tools! Jewelry making is something I always wanted to get into, I just never have time! One day, one day.

  6. Congrats on your new tools! And may I add that I adore your hair! Well I am now a follower, and looks like im follower 100! lol

  7. Congrats!!! Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see your new creations!

  8. Congrats! I have always wanted to learn to make jewelry! LOVE your hair btw...

    Found you via Club Indie. Can't wait for class to start. See you there!