new pendant finally finished!

hi there! i have been working on this pendant in jewelry class forEVER! it's hard to get things done in there sometimes because we all share the equipment and sometimes i can't make it to class. i miss weeks at a time. so anyway, i was so excited to get this done. it's a druzy set in sterling silver and the base of the pendant is brass. i think it turned out pretty cool! i want to do more pieces like this. i am getting closer and closer to having the equipment and tools i need to do it at home. i'm getting pretty antsy.... i think today i'll look on ebay for some more stones/druzy/crystals to use in my jewelry designs. then i think i'll go lounge around the house so my cats don't feel left out! hehe


  1. that pendant is beautiful!!! I love how talented you are, you make the cuteeeest stuffs!

  2. the necklace turned out beautiful!!!

    thanks for the comment on my last post!
    That band Girl In A Coma is a local band, but since they signed with Joan Jett's Black Heart Label, they are getting big! well deserved. i love them, you should def check out there full album.

    good luck with the hair! i guess thats what ill be doing tom if im lucky!

  3. i love your jewelry more than i love anything. i wish i could buy it. :] i may just have to invest very soon.

  4. very beautiful pendant! reminds me something you'd find in a treasure chest or something. =)

  5. hey chica, i'm changing up my blog layout. can you make me a blog button 200(w)x80(h)? i would love to put your blog button on my blog! thank you lady! (mail.dmoser(at)gmail.com)