all by myself!!!

hi everyone, happy st. patty's day!
so i finally got a chance to use the new equipment i got for my home studio and this is my very first stone setting i have done all by myself! no teacher around to ask for help. i am so proud of myself. it was really easy. easier than i feel like it is sometimes at class. maybe i'm just more comfortable going solo. but i think it turned out really cool! it's a druzy agate set in sterling silver that is oxidized. i can't wait to make more! i have so many ideas. :)

i've been sick since last friday and today i am just starting to human again. i have heard that so many people are sick right now. hope you are all staying healthy! i'm downing this fizzy vitamin C drinks all day. you can buy little packs of powdered vit C and they are 1000 mg and taste pretty good. i got tangerine flavor and it tastes like watered down tang. i love tang! tonight i am going over to a friends and we are going to make shepards pie and make pretty green drinks. i will actually be putting on makeup and wearing clothes other than pj's for the first time since last friday! haha
hope you are having a great day...do you have any fun st. patty's plans?OH don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY if you haven't already. i'll be picking a winner on friday!


  1. I love the necklace its great! I am glad you are feeling better.

    Have fun tonight


  2. That is really gorgeous, I can't wait for you to put some in the etsy store and me to have some money!~

  3. omg I absolutely love that necklace!! You're amazing!! I'm glad you're feeling better my dear! You look very pretty! Have fun tonight beautiful!

  4. Hahaha well we can just comment this way!
    Wow, your list is just like mine! =] We'll finish them one day, when were all old.
    And I do the same thing. I like, make these lists, then sit on the computer. Hah.

  5. Oh that's gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what's next! And which ones make their way to your shop :) hehe

    Hope you're feeling better lady!!

    I'm spending St. Patty's at home.... We're boring like that lol :)

  6. Good job! I just love all your designs!

  7. very cool! Great job! I love the necklace you are wearing too! =)

  8. Wow that is so amazing! You are so talented!!

  9. Oh! great necklace! (and the one your wearing is great also!)

  10. Nice Ilove it thanks for sharing, I have a question do you sell this stuff ?