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I keep saying I want to be more consistent with blogging again but I still haven't gotten into the flow of it. I'm not sure if I have any readers anymore because I have sporadic posts and have mostly been MIA. My goal is to eventually give my blog a slight makeover. I want it to cleaner with larger photos and to have a menu bar at the top that can link to my Etsy shop and whatever else I decide on. So I am stuck on whether I should move from blogger and go with more of a conventional website, like I have seen so many other bloggers do. But I have also seen a lot of blogspot blogs that operate just like a website. I'm just confused on what the benefit of moving would be if I can get my blog reformatted into more of a working website with a better layout. If anyone is reading this and has any advice, I would love to hear it!
Another thing I am working on is a new Etsy shop that will have graphic design products for sale. Things like logos, banners, backgrounds and other stand alone graphics. I'm having fun working on it and hope to get it opened soon. I have a day job so my jewelry, blog and this new shop don't get a lot of my time. But I'm hoping to figure out a way to juggle it all. I need more of a creative outlet to do what is fun for me creatively. Here is the banner for my new shop. I really love it! (You can click on it to see it bigger.)
Here are some pieces I have done recently. I was contacted to do a custom piece with a human molar. I jumped on that one! How weird is that?! It was so much fun making this ring and I LOVE how it turned out and now I want one for myself!
This next piece is a sterling silver double finger ring made with a fossilized orthoceras, which is a mollusk that lived over 400 million years ago. This one has been purchase but I have a similar but larger ring in my shop here.

This simple crystal ring was also sold already but I plan to make more once I get more crystals that are flat on the bottom.

This necklace, made with brass and rainbow aura crystals is in my shop now. I love this one!

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