Finally some new jewelry!

Well, I finally got my studio in order after moving and I finally made some new pieces!
 It felt SO good to be making jewelry again after what seemed like forever. I like my new studio space much better than at my old place. Its roomier and more organized and just feels better.
I'm loving this crazy ring I made. It feels very Ancient Egypt to me. The large stone is Lapis Lazuli and the small stone is Labradorite. The ring is sterling silver with the exception of the brass inverted triangle, which symbolizes feminine energy and the two small brass balls on either side of the Labradorite.
The little tribal details give this simple brass necklace some interest. This will go with just about anything!
I made this ring with sterling silver and a black fossilized ammonite that I bought at a fossil show a while back.
I have plans for more rings, crystal necklaces and a metal dream catcher necklace next!

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  1. Love that brass necklace! And the ring is just amazing! Glad you are loving your space and creating again.Stay inspired! xoxo