HOW Design Conference in Chicago

While I'm not designing jewelry, I'm making a living as a freelance graphic designer. This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the HOW Design Conference in Chicago. I had a great time, Chicago is gorgeous and the weather was perfect! Much less hot and humid than the weather here in Tampa. I loved hearing the speakers at the conference, my favorite being Jessica Hische. She is very inspiring as she has worked her butt off to be such a young success. And I love her swirly style of graphics. I wasn't obnoxious enough to take any photos of the speakers but here are some of the pictures I did take of the trip.
Bags full of freebies

Freebies: posters, design magazines, print samples, t-shirts, buttons, candy
We had some time to walk around and be tourists :)

Shepard Fairey mural outside the tattoo shop.
I have always wanted to get a spontaneous tattoo while traveling. I had this design in mind of the phases of the moon, so I went with it!
Awesome local brewery: Goose Island Beer Company.
Downtown Chicago...the weather was gorgeous!
Closing reception party for the conference.
Out of maybe 5 free shirts, this one was my favorite. It says "creative freedom".
I had an awesome time and loved Chicago. Can't wait to visit again!


  1. Looks like you had a blast. Love the pics and the tattoo!