Pictures from MTV Movie awards event-IMAGE HEAVY

hi there! i wanted to finally post some photos of the event. the event was such a blast! everyone was so nice to talk to. it felt natural. after i talked to the first person, i didn't feel nervous anymore. it was also so encouraging, all the genuine positive feedback i got from people. we all know that celebrities get the best of everything, so it felt really good to hear people telling me they really loved my jewelry and so many people walked away wearing it instead of putting it in their bag. even christian siriano did...of all people! so flattering :) *click on photos to make them bigger*
ok...here are a million photos!me at my table
me with kali hawk (couples retreat, get him to the greek). she was SO nice and down to earth. also gorgeous and tall!

katharine mcphee (american idol). she was very sweet, wore my necklace on stage :)

max ryan (sex and the city 2). he was super fun to talk to. he was sure my necklaces were made for women only and they would harm his manliness! (doubt it)
chris got to come and help me! it was sooo nice to have him there. i couldn't have done it alone.
boo boo stewart (the twilight saga: eclipse) and his sister who is wearing my bird/freedom necklace.

brit morgan (third season of true blood). she was a really cool girl, down to earth. she ended up wearing a long brass necklace with a wing and dangly chains, pictured above.
shay mitchell (pretty little liars). super sweet girl, she wore the sterling silver necklace with crystals and wings.
one of my very best friends, aimee, flew from north carolina to help me at the event! she set up my table everyday and it looked amazing. i was so happy she offered to come and help me!
sophie monk (click, date movie, etc...) i nerded out a bit when i talked to her..haha...i had NO idea she was australian. every movie i have seen her in, she has a southern accent. it caught me off guard when she talked! i said, oh! you have an australian accent! she wasn't phased...i think she gets that a lot! here she's wearing a sterling cuff with green agate.
shar jackson... i really liked talking to her. she seems like a cool chic. we were laughing about if "the girls" would fit in the body chain. as you can see, they did perfectly!
mayim bialik (blossom!) who now has a role in the big bang theory which is one of my favorite shows. and behind her is patrick gallagher who is in glee which is also one of my favorite shows! it was so fun to meet people from tv shows that i really love!
iqbal theba from glee. he took some earrings for his wife aww :)
josh sussman from glee. he was so quirky and funny.
mayim bialik again. she took a long brass necklace with a vintage key and a wing.
molly ringwald
debbie ryan (suite life on deck). this girl is adorable!

frankie muniz and his girlfriend, elycia marie. it was fun to meet him, i've seen malcolm in the middle a ton of times. she was really nice too, she took off the necklace she was wearing and wore a black studded bib necklace.
kiowa gordon (the twilight saga: new moon & eclipse). kiowa is wearing the plaid hat. he came in with his band members. his band is called touche. they were all adorable and fun to talk to.

believe it or not, i have a TON more pictures. but i think i'll stop here! hope you enjoyed ;)


  1. Amazing! So happy for you!

  2. Awe, thanks sugs for the kind words. I really can't thank you enough for sharing your once in a life time experience with me. I love you tons and wish you much success and happiness as you move forward in this endeavor.

  3. Aaahhh that's so cool! Congrats on the amazing opportunity. Your striped tights are super cute :)

  4. Wowwww...and I am speechless that you met the man from Sex in the City.....Billions of women may stalk you!!! Put up more pics soon:) Did you see Sex in the City??

  5. P.S. Love the sign...You understated the experience at lunch!! wonderful.

  6. i am so happy for you, girl! this is so incredible for you. :)

  7. that is so fun! im so happy you got to do that :)

  8. wow, that sounds/looks like a great day. How amazing they all wore your jewellery

  9. So awesome!! Loved seeing all your pictures. Post all of them!

  10. aunt katie, you are soo amazing! i love you!