Kali Hawk wearing my necklace

I'm so excited! The Mtv Movie Awards event that I participated in was only this weekend and already I have a couple of great photos of stars wearing my jewelry. Here is Kali Hawk wearing my necklace at the Runway Magazine Issue Release party. I was so excited to see this! She looks stunning and I LOVE that dress she is wearing so much!
Kali plays Trudy in Couples Retreat and Chantal in Get Him to the Greek. She also is working on a movie with Dane Cook and another with Jerry Stiller. How exciting!
It was really cool to meet her in person, she is super down to earth and really nice. You would never guess she was a hollywood movie star! Except that she certainly looks like one :)


  1. That is so cool! You're right. It looks great with the dress she picked out. Congrats girl :)