appreciation photos

so i've decided to try to do appreciation photos for the items i buy from etsy. i started doing this a little while ago without much effort....using my camera on my mac or a quick snapshot. so the pictures need some work! but for now, they are what they are. i have gotten a few appreciation photos on my jewelry site and have been very happy to see a shot of the new proud owner of something I made! sooo.... i'm posting them here as i go...here are a few from the last couple of months. again, don't mind the crappy photography pweease!

gray and black handmade tank by jalvo on etsy

screen printed ECO heather gray tank by coma and cotton on etsy

red cuff made out of an old book binder by leahmackindotcom on etsy

blue, gray and black handmade shirt by rad clothing on etsy

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