TRA'shion Fashion Show

my very first fashion show was a blast! i could not have found a better group of models. everyone was such a joy to work with. my makeup artist, ashley cantero, did such a wonderful job and she was such a sweetie. a trendy salon in town was generous enough to offer their talents. all i had to do was ask! i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with such creative and giving people. it was such a great experience. the woman who put on the fashion show, marina williams, was also the sweetest most supportive, open, friendly soul. the show was at her art gallery/vintage boutique, ArtPool. the theme is found objects, recycled/upcycled "trash" wearable art. i used thrifted necklace chains from old jewelry. i styled the models outfits with thrifted clothing and a few pieces from the models wardrobe.

makeup artist: ashley cantero; hair: bentley salon, tampa.


  1. Wow! The models look totally fab and fierce wearing your jewelry! What a great show:)

  2. The models looked fantastic! I love the chain headbands! Congrats on a great show!

    PS: You looked pretty awesome yourself lady! :)