TRA'shion fashion sneak peak!

i am getting SO excited about the fashion show i am designing for. the fashion show is TRA'shion fashion, the idea is to use unorthodox items, anything used, recyclable, trash... and make it into wearable art. my theme is chains, so i have been finding old junk jewelry from thrift stores and making amazing edgy "new" jewelry pieces out of them. i also thrifted all the clothes they are going to be wearing, with an exception of some items that the models contributed such as the shoes they are wearing.
i had the girls over for a little rehearsal. they are all amazing and beautiful and unique and i couldn't be happier with the models i have for my very first show! not to mention, i found an awesome makeup artist to do the makeup and a very trendy salon has offered to do their hair. SO.... it's going to be such a fun night and i cannot wait! july 11th is the day :)
here's a tiny sneak peak of my designs.

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  1. Tiny sneak peek! I can't wait to see everything you've come up with! Make sure to take tons of pics :)