so i'm a blogger now eh?

welcome to my blog! here i will be sharing my designs, thoughts and experiences as i journey further and further into my independent creative career. i have always wanted to be an artist since i was a child. i even have a school project from age 5 filled with questions and answers, one being "what do you want to be when you grow up"? and my answer was "artist" and always has been. however, it's been hard to figure out how to make a living as such. coming from an upbringing of conventional sorts, i was raised to believe in school, degree, resume, job, ladder climbing, overtime, salary, raises, 401k.... ETC! and as i was in college as a fine arts major, i was conflicted with the belief that i would never have a "job" as an artist. so i went into graphic design, because that was a "job" within the creative field. i grew to like graphic design but after college i was very disillusioned about graphic design and design JOBS. they weren't anywhere near as fun as design projects in school, that were much more personal. after about 6 years working full time, climbing the ladder and hating every minute of it, i quit my full time job and went freelance. i wanted my own schedule so i could make time for ME and my life instead of my job being my life. it has been an extraordinary journey since then....so much has happened. so much has changed and keeps evolving and i love it! as scary as it is to be independent, not having a set salary, benefits, etc... i have never regretted it. it's a challenge but in the end it is so much more rewarding because it is "me".... i am doing my work, expressing my ideas... not someone elses just to make a paycheck.
so i have started up my own jewelry line and currently sell it on etsy:
i also sell vintage, which is also one of my interests, at:
thank you for being here!

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  1. You are so inspiring! A beautiful human that puts that beauty into everything you touch. I adore you and your art!