happy turkey day!

hello ladies and gents! i hope you have a wonderful day today. my boyfriend and i are doing thanksgiving a little unconventional this year. i'm making crab legs for me and filet mignon for him! yumm yumm! we live in a different state than our families so i don't really have a big party to go to. we did have early thanksgiving parties with friends, so we've had turkey twice already. otherwise, i'd attempt to make my first turkey today. i am making a pumpkin pie tho. a gluten free one. we'll see how that goes!

i found this photobooth link on one of my most favorite blogs, bleubird vintage. try one yourself! i'm all addicted to it! haha


  1. Lemme know the recipe for the gluten-free pumpkin pie if all goes well! A friend of mine is gluten-free and coming over on Sunday for dinner. I always like to make sure she can eat the dessert. Best part of the meal! :)

  2. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.. Crab legs and Filet Mignon, who wouldn't be thankful for that?! yum.

    Take care, love & Aloha!! Can't wait to see who the winner for your necklace giveaway is.. (still crossing fingers....)


  3. Love your blog! I like the photobooth style pics! Very cute!! I think crab legs and filet mignon for Thanksgiving is incredibly quirky! Love it!!

  4. awww uconventional holidays can be soo much fun!! and btw I love those pictures! You are gorgeous! I hope you guys had an amazing thanksgiving!!