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hi there!
ok i am dying for a studio space. i reeeeeeallly want to have a space to go to. working out of my home has been EXTREMELY wonderful for the past 3 or 4 years or however long it's been since i quit the corporate life. but now i am feeling like i want to get out and mingle a bit more. it's a little stifling being at home every single day. at least for a while there i was going to agencies to freelance. anyway..... SO, i'm placing my order with the universe. i would like an amazing, comfortable, safe, spacious, affordable studio space preferably in an old building with some brick walls and some dry walled walls, wood floors or concrete floors, tall ceilings, lots of light and big windows. i even will request a sink be in the studio but i don't HAVE to have that but since i'm specifying, why not add in some "extras"!

i went to look at some space last week and i can't stop thinking about it. the building was an old cigar factory built in 1904. it's 3 stories tall, it has super high ceilings, wood floors, huge windows... basically everything i mentioned earlier and if you get a room on the right side of the building you have an awesome view of downtown. plus they have art events where all the studios are open and you can browse around and if i had a space there i could sell. and i would just love to be surrounded by other artists, just being in that energy would help me to feel a little more alive and kicking! look at the picture of the building (below), how cool!? ugh... i want to be there. so i'm not sure how financially that will work out. they didn't even have an opening (yet) but i put my name on the waiting list. and who knows! i'm putting it out there in the universe that i want it! so we'll see what happens right!

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  1. That is an extremely beautiful would-be workshop! How inspiring would it be to create there??!! Find your inner artist (give her caffeine) and let her run crazy!!! I'm getting inspired just browsing through the photos, I certainly hope everything works out for you and you manage to get it! Then you could post pictures here ALL the time (heehee) I'll cross my fingers for you! ^_^